Back to School: The unsung heroes of Noblesville’s classrooms

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- As thousands of students return to the classroom this month, they’ll notice their learning spaces decorated to a tee.

CBS4 is taking notice and asking Noblesville school administrators who plans the classroom layout, who buys all of the supplies and décor and who sets it all up.

“I look on Pinterest a lot,” laughed Natalie Huber, who will teach third grade this year at White River Elementary. “This is kind of like their second home so I want them to be comfortable,” she said.

Huber spent all summer designing her classroom. Inside, she offers flexible seating so that the kids can choose based on how they learn most efficiently. She has a technology center, a small reading area and plenty of storage space.

“I can’t sleep because I’m so excited, so nervous. What if they don’t like me?” Huber asked.

Huber said she spends a couple hundred dollars each year buying items to make her classroom just right. She said she spends countless hours setting it all up in time for the first day.

“It’s worth it,” she said.

Down the hall, second-grade teacher Sabrina Zachary set her classroom up a bit differently. She had more traditional seating but was most proud of her mobile desk, making it so that she could better attend to the students.

“A lot of us just scavenge for things, too,” Zachary told CBS4.

Zachary, who is a relatively new teacher in Noblesville, said she spent a lot of the summer at conferences. She got a late start setting up her classroom but was confident she’d have it all done in time.

“You get your inspiration walking around looking at things,” she said. “This fantastic find was Craigslist,” she said, pointing to a high-top table.

Noblesville began school Aug. 1.