Court docs reveal Southport police officer was shot more than a dozen times

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Court documents filed in connection with the death of Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan suffered a total of 14 gunshots while trying to assist a man trapped in a car after a crash.

The shooting occurred on Thursday, July 27. Around 2:40 p.m., Lt. Allan and Homecroft Police Department Major CT Bowman were sent to South Madison Avenue and Maynard Drive after a 2004 BMW flipped and landed upside down in the 6600 block of South Madison Avenue.

Jason Brown, 28, was the driver. A passenger in the car was able to get out and was kneeling by the driver's side door when officers arrived. Brown was still in the vehicle, hanging upside down because of his seat belt.

Major Bowman was the first officer on the scene, and spoke to a witness who said the vehicle was going southbound when it went across in front of her car. Bowman went up to the car on the driver's side and Allan approached on the passenger's side. Brown was wedged in and "hysterical," according to a recently- released court document.

Allan stuck his head into the car to try and calm Brown down and tell him help was on the way. Bowman asked the passenger, who was outside of the car, if he was OK.

"I think so," he replied. Bowman also checked if the witness was OK. She said she was.

A witness reported, “the suspect kept trying to reach for something behind his back and observed a pistol came out.”

It was at this time Bowman heard about a dozen gunshots ring out. Initially, he couldn't tell where they were coming from. There were then two to three additional gunshots after a pause.

Major Bowman then saw a blue steel semi-automatic handgun with the slide locked back on the roof inside the car. As other officers arrived on scene, Bowman informed them there was a gun in the car.

Officers pulled Brown out of the car and placed Allan on a gurney for treatment. He later died at Eskenazi Health from his injuries. Police say he was shot 14 times at point-blank range, three apparently as his back was turned. The coroner officially ruled his cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds.

Lieutenant Aaron Allan

A uniformed officer and an off-duty deputy fired shots back at Brown. Brown was taken to the hospital in serious condition and arrested on a preliminary charge of murder. His friends say he was shot in the face.

“When Jason left his house at two o’clock that day to go pick up that passenger Jason was in a wonderful mood, he was in a happy mood,” said a friend who wished to remain anonymous in fear of retribution. “They probably went to the apartment where the passenger said he was picked up and I believe that possibly something transpired in that situation that led Jason driving erratically.”

When police interviewed the passenger, he told them Brown picked him up at Country Club Apartments and then stopped at a gas station before driving south on Madison Avenue. The man said Brown began driving quickly, but didn't know why. Brown was maneuvering around vehicles when he hit a curb, drove over the median and hit the opposite curb. The vehicle flipped and landed upside down. The passenger is not being named because he's not been charged in the case.

Police later identified the gun inside the car as a Springfield XDM-9. The slide of the gun was locked back and contained an empty magazine fit to hold 20 rounds. Inside the vehicle, officers also found a 1-quart Ziplock bag with 13 smaller baggies containing marijuana.

Mug shot of Jason Brown from Hendricks County taken in 2014

The passenger told CBS4 he had no knowledge of the cause behind Brown’s erratic driving leading up to the crash or the presence of marijuana, though he admitted to police that he knew his friend carried a 9mm pistol.

Brown's cousin, Shane Hennessey, said Brown was on a quick errand to pick up that friend on Thursday.

Brown had a guest at his residence north of the rendezvous point, said Hennessey, and expressed no intention of being gone long and was looking forward to a visit with his son in the days to come.

While not defending Brown against the allegations of the killing, Hennessey asked if the presence of the marijuana and the unexpected detour played a role in the erratic driving that led to the crash and murder.

“Why was he suddenly not at the gas station and suddenly at somebody’s apartment?” asked Hennessey. “Nothing seems right.”

Brown’s first court appearance is set for Tuesday afternoon. Formal charges are expected to be announced before then.

Allan’s funeral is set for Saturday morning at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse.

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