Rain floods parking lot, basement at Lewis Cass Jr. and Sr. High School

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WALTON, Ind. – Torrential rain left its mark on Lewis Cass Jr. & Sr. High School.

The outside of the school looked like a lake after a storm dumped several of inches of rain on the area Monday night into Tuesday morning.

According to Superintendent Tim Garland, flooding inside the school only affected the basement. He said they’ll have to replace the heating and cooling pumps.

“Last night our maintenance guy had called me and said that we had major flooding in our basement, and that it was going to affect our heating, cooling and a lot of our electrical throughout our buildings,” Garland said.

He said they’d pumped out most of the water and were working to assess the damage. Garland said the parking lot was flooded at the height of the rain. Photos showed some of the district’s buses sitting in water, and damage to the vehicles hasn’t yet been assessed.

Garland said preparations for the upcoming school year had been on track and admitted that they’ll have to adjust.

“Now it’s going to put us back a little bit, and we’ll have to bring in some more personnel to help with work, but overall I think we’ll be OK,” he said. “It shouldn’t take us very long to get some new pumps in.”

Garland said electricity was on in the building.