Police search for suspect who stole car from man delivering newspapers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis Metropolitan police are searching for a suspect who stole a car from a newspaper carrier and led officers on a short chase.

According to IMPD, Gilbert Huxley was delivering newspapers shortly after 4 a.m. Thursday morning when he noticed that someone had gotten into his car and stolen it at 5301 W. Washington Street. He says his car was unlocked and running while he was dropping off newspapers at the White Castle restaurant.

“Well, I was over at the White Castle, servicing the Indianapolis Star paper box, and I had my back to the vehicle, 25 feet away, didn’t hear a thing, I turned around and the floor just went underneath me, the car was gone," Huxley said.

“A loss, a really heavy loss in your heart, to your inside, you feel really bad, you know, and it’s a little bit of a mistake on my part for not locking it, but like the police were also saying, you’re trying to do your job, you’re 25 feet away from your vehicle, you seem like, you know, this guy was waiting for me because I’m there every single morning. So it’s a thing where I jump out, service that box and it’s, I mean a minute. And for him to be able to slide in and get out like that, it was planned. It had to be.”

Officers spotted the stolen car about four minutes later, leading to a short pursuit. The suspect then ditched the car and ran off. Police set up a perimeter and spent about 40 minutes looking for the suspect. Police called off the effort after the search proved unsuccessful.

Police returned the stolen car to Huxley.

Huxley's friend and fellow newspaper distributor, Jerry Rosner, was at the scene. Rosner says he was the victim of a carjacking incident that happened just two weeks ago in the same area, and his car was found across the street from the area where Huxley's car was found.

"My wife was delivering the papers and they told us, 'get out.’ We got out, they took off. But they recovered the car the next day. The ironic thing was, it was found right here in this alley, and my buddy’s car was right here across the street. Both recovered in the same spot, so that’s sort of weird, you know?" Rosner said.

Officers say they don’t know if the two incidents are connected in any way. There’s no suspect description at this time. Anyone with information should call crime stoppers.

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