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Second memorial bench dedicated to both Flora and Delphi victims

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FLORA, Ind. —  The Carroll County community is coming together to remember six young girls who were killed.

A bench was installed to honor the two teens who were murdered in Delphi and the four sisters who were killed in an intentionally set house fire in Flora.

The limestone bench is called “Six Girls Stone Immaculate,” featuring all six of the victims’ names.

The 7,000-pound limestone project was carved by more than a hundred students and staff at Caroll County High School. The high school’s art teacher, Branden Apitz, says he already had unused pieces of limestone and was unsure how he was going to use it. When the four girls in Flora died in the house fire, he says he knew he wanted to do something to help the community heal.

“My daughters went to school with them and they would talk about how they’re going to miss doing their secret handshakes,” Apitz said.

“I could cry right now. It’s very powerful,” Apitz said.

Apitz says he knew it would also be a way to help honor the two teens who were murdered in Delphi.

He donated the limestone and donations for construction followed. The school board also approved a small grant for the Italian stone carving.


This bench is actually one of two projects being done to honor all of the girls. Earlier this month, we told you about local girl scouts who helped raise funds for six individual benches to honor the victims. Those benches were put in the Caroll Elementary School Courtyard.

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