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Take a tour inside IndyCar driver Sebastian Saavedra’s motorhome

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – We see them all through the month of May topping 220 miles per hour, but have you ever wondered how IndyCar drivers live? All this week, we have an all-access pass, past the yellow shirts, and into the driver’s compound for a tour inside their “homes” leading up to the Indianapolis 500.

For our first stop, we pay a visit to Juncos Racing driver Sebastian Saveedra’s wife, Jane.

Rachel: Hi! How are you?

Jane: Hi! Good, how are you guys?

Rachel: Good. Oh, this is super cute!

Jane: This is our sitting area. We like to sit here, kind of decompress and watch TV. The Golf Channel is always on, basically.

Rachel: I like the decorations. I’m assuming you were the one in charge?

Jane: Yes, I actually re-did it when we first got here I went to Target and bought a bunch of stuff.

Rachel: You have the wine racks, the whole nine. It’s literally feels and looks like a house. So, do you cook here or do you guys get a lot of takeout?

Jane: I cook a lot actually. We’ve been cooking, I would say, almost every night.

Rachel: What’s his favorite thing that you make while you guys are here?

Jane: Oh gosh, he really likes that I do a lot of pasta.

Rachel: Good choice, that’s my favorite, too. 

Jane: We have our kitchen and then we have our little dinette area over here. And we usually have the track feed on here. That way we can kind of see what we have going on. I can sit here in the air conditioning. I don’t have to be out there all the time in the blazing heat.

Jane:  This is the bedroom. We actually took out the queen bed and put in the king bed. That’s why there’s not a whole lot of space. But I would rather have big bed than…

Rachel: To be pushing each other off all night?

Jane: Exactly.         

Rachel: So, who has more clothing here, you or Seb?

Jane: Ugh, I would say probably be only barely. We both like our clothes.

Rachel: How about the hair products in the bathroom?

Jane: Oh, that’s a toss up!

Rachel:  I was going to say, you don’t keep that Sebastian Saveedra hair without some preparation.

Jane: Yeah, that one is definitely a toss up.

Rachel: Is there anything in particular that you guys had to bring from home that was a must to have here?

Jane: I would say his espresso machine. That was it. He was like,“Make sure you bring that!” And he does like to play Xbox a lot. I actually brought mine so he has to play my games.

A little Xbox, some homey décor, and a lot of espresso fuel Sebastian and Jane Saveedra throughout the month of May here in their home away from home... on wheels, of course.

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