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Indianapolis 500: The man who dresses drivers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- You never think about it, but professional athletes and celebrities need help looking good – IndyCar drivers included.

And a lot of them look to a man right here in Indy to sculpt their image off the track.

“This color just kind of stuck out right at the get-go. And I’m really into the three-piece suit right now.”

It’s no longer a racing suit for AJ Foyt IV, living the fast life, just not at 200 miles an hour.

“It’s usually the go-to parties or the Super Bowl parties, the Kentucky Derby, you know, weddings,” Foyt said.

Foyt now spends his time on the business end of the sports world – where he’s still making a name for himself.

“We opened the Foyt Wine Vault down in Speedway, this will be two years here this May. And so if we have a special party or special event, it’s always nice to throw on something nice. I think people take you a little more serious when you look a little more serious,” said Foyt.

So when he went looking to fine tune his fashion, he hired Andrew Porter.

“It’s a passion of mine actually,” Porter said.

“I’ve had an appreciation for fashion a long time. My dad used to dress up. He was a pastor,” Porter told CBS4.

“Came kind of easy for me. You know, putting styles together, putting fashion and patterns and things like that together,” Porter said.

“I’m not a fashion guy myself. So I depend on him to put me together nicely,” Foyt said.

“Kind of came up with this and I’ve been very happy with it. It’s probably my favorite suit right now.”

Porter’s clientele reaches deep into Indy’s sports scene.

“Weddings, galas, other type of events where I know this is always going to be a go-to. It fits me like a glove,” said former Indianapolis Colts linebacker Gary Brackett.

“Before I was a cheap guy. I was a Burlington coat factory. I was a Nordstrom guy buying my suits,” Brackett said.

Among Porter's clients: Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri and IndyCar driver Graham Rahal.

“It feels kind of rewarding because people like to feel good when they go out,“ Porter said.

“But when I see them out in my clothes, it’s a good feeling. It’s a humbling feeling.”

“When I met Andrew, just his level of customer service. Coming to the house, making sure everything fits appropriately. Also going through my closet, seeing what colors that I have and what colors I can add to my arsenal,” Brackett said.

And the personal treatment has its price.

“You can get up to 2, 3, $4,000 for a garment. On average you’re going to be from $1,500 $2,500 to a well-made custom made suit,” said Porter.

“For me, I like to get a text message that says, ‘Man this suit was banging,’ you know. ‘Got a ton of compliments, ‘My wife loved it. My girl loved it,’” he said.

“People judge you, how you look. It’s unfortunate. But it’s life.”

Andrew Porter also counts among his clients former Colts Dwayne Allen and Matt Hasselback.

Not to mention, author John Green who wrote The Fault in Our Stars.

If you’re interested, Andrew’s suits start at a cool $1,000.

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