Police say Hendricks Co. man leaves elderly mother in same spot for 6 weeks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENDRICKS COUNTY, IN-- A man is in jail after investigators said he left his elderly mother in the same spot for 6 weeks after she fell and he couldn't pick her up. The 80-year old woman was found laying in her own filth. At last check, police said she was hospitalized in critical condition.

Her son and primary caregiver, Mark Kincaid, is facing a charge of neglect of a dependent.

Investigators said paramedics found Kincaid's mother on the ground in the bedroom of the home they shared. She was partially off of a mattress on the floor, stuck to it and unresponsive. Police called the conditions deplorable.

"They got information that Ms. Kincaid had fallen 6 weeks prior and her adult son was not able to pick her up so he left her in the bedroom there," Capt. Amanda Goings said.

According to court documents, Kincaid told first responders "You guys are too expensive." He told investigators he fed his mother about a spoonful of food a day and a drink of water with her medicine. He acknowledged he should have called 911 sooner.

Now investigators are encouraging all caregivers to seek help when it's needed or when they feel overwhelmed.

According to the CDC, one out of every 10 people ages 60 and older living at home experiences elder abuse, but that's likely an underestimate.

"These people don't have a voice," Jason Fletcher said.

Fletcher investigates cases involving adult protective services for the Marion County Prosecutor's Office. He said it's important to look out for warning signs.

"Dehydration, obviously bruising, bed sores, maybe the home is cluttered, dirty, hoarding type situations. Also if you haven't seen them in awhile," he said.

"We know in a lot of cases it is something that just arises out of just being overwhelmed by the caregivers responsibilities," Orion Bell, the CEO for CICOA Aging and In-home Solutions, said.

But for any overwhelmed caregiver, there are resources available.

"The most important prevention tool is good communication, good resources, a good support network," Bell said.

Caregivers can find more support resources here.

If you are concerned about someone's well being, you can request a welfare check from police.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, call the Adult Protective Services Hotline at 800-992-6978.

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