Police find meth, half-pound of heroin hidden in piece of wood during traffic stop

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photos courtesy of Hancock County Sheriff's Department

HENRY COUNTY, Ind.– Police found drugs hidden inside a wooden 4×4 during a traffic stop in Henry County.

“It did not look right and it did not feel right, so we examined the 4×4 further. After we probed it with our knives we learned that it was a false compartment,” said Deputy Nick Ernstes.

On Monday, officers conducted a traffic stop along westbound I-70. After seeing multiple indicators of criminal activity, police asked the driver, Profirio Diaz, 59, of Columbus, Ohio, to step out of the car.

Another officer arrived with a K9 and the dog scanned the outside of the vehicle. “Scarlet” quickly alerted officers to possible drugs inside the vehicle.

Police searched the vehicle and saw several tools and pieces of lumber in the rear cargo area of the vehicle. A 4×4 post that was about 18 inches long appeared to have been tampered with and glued recently. Diaz told officers he was a woodworking carpenter.

“We cracked that thing open and it was full of 252 grams of Heroin and 86 grams of Meth. The drugs were headed to Indianapolis from Ohio,” said Deputy Ernestes.

Porfirio Diaz

Officers were able to cut open the block of wood and found two large plastic wrapped bundles that had been dipped in axle grease and concealed in the wood.

Inside the bags were 252 grams (more than half a pound) of heroin and 86 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

Diaz was arrested for dealing in a schedule one controlled substance and dealing in methamphetamine. According to police, the seized drugs have a street value of $33,000. He is only one of dozens of traffickers recently arrested on I-70. Deputies say I-70 is a major drug corridor.

“If you are on I-70 you can go to Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, Chicago, and other midwest cities in a few hours,” said Ernstes.

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