Art show highlights those who have overcome obstacles

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind— if you’re standing on the sidewalk, the home at 322 N Arsenal Ave. doesn’t look anything like a traditional art gallery. But, if you were to venture inside you would find a treasure trove of art covering nearly every square foot of wall space.

For the past 20 years The April Show , a once a year, one night only art show has been operating out of David Hittle’s Arsenal Heights home. This year will be the show’s last.

“Aside from relationships with people there’s nothing more important to me than this,” Hittle said.

Hittle claims he knows very little about art, he jokes he couldn’t paint a picture even if he wanted to. However he maintains the purpose of the April Show isn’t just about art; he says it’s about providing opportunities to those who otherwise may not have any.

“It’s a place for really, really talented artists to show what they can do in a really loving environment,” he said.

The artists behind the April Show all have something in common, Hittle says each one of them is working to, or has overcome serious obstacles such as homelessness, drug addiction, or mental illness.

“Some of the stuff these folks have dealt with I can’t even imagine and some of them are still dealing with the stuff and always will,” Hittle said.

Hittle said his goal with the show was to help provide the artist with a few extra dollars in their pocket while also allowing them to get exposure that wouldn’t have otherwise. Over the course of the show’s twenty year run, he says it has also transformed into a family and support system for those that need it the most.

The final April show will run until midnight Friday night. For more information, you can visit:



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