Boy given IMPD escort after leaving Riley Hospital for Children

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind --The best moment for long-term patients at a hospital usually comes the moment they’re able to walk out of the hospital.

On Thursday, 11-year-old Drake Price experienced such a moment.

Since February, Price had been a patient at the Riley Hospital for Children while he battled a massive brain tumor. According to his doctors, it was the size of a baseball.

This isn’t the only tough ordeal the Price family has had to go through. In February of 2015, one of their twin sons died after being born five months early.

Throughout his struggle, Drake maintained his love of law enforcement. He often tells anyone who will listen that he dreams of becoming a police officer.

Eventually, IMPD got wind of Drake’s impending departure from Riley and decided to throw him a “going away” celebration he wouldn’t forget.

On Thursday, IMPD officers gathered at Riley and showered Drake with gifts. Among them were pillows that featured agency patches from across the country, and a hat adorned with pins from various agencies.

It was just the beginning.

As Drake and his family prepared to leave the hospital for their home in Warsaw, IMPD was waiting outside to provide a “full police escort”.

Drake was placed in the front seat of an officer’s cruiser, as a procession of IMPD vehicles and motorcycles led the way home. Drake’s father, Miles, called the experience “overwhelming."

“This is an amazing, amazing response for my son,” he said.

While Drake is in great spirits, his parent’s say the 11 year old will be back in the hospital in about a month for another surgery, though they emphasize its not relating to his tumor. For now, they say they're just happy to have their son home.

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