‘Praise Be to God’ contractor pays back unhappy customer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- After an unhappy customer contacted CBS4 Problem Solvers, a contractor finally made good on his promise to pay her back.

Tlyasha Williams thought she'd be moving into her house in early March, but it took several weeks longer than she expected because of a dispute with her contractor.

Williams hired Kevin Green, who owns Praise Be to God Drywall and Painting Services, after finding him through mutual friends on Facebook.

"I thought he was really about his business," Williams said.

She signed a contract with Green and paid him half the money, $625, up front. Their contract stated that Green would do a "full flooring and tile job." Williams said she expected the job to be finished in a week, though the contract did not specify an end date.

"He said he would be done that Thursday or Friday, no later than that Friday," Williams said.

Green pulled up the floors in Williams' kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. He cashed the check, but the next day he didn't show back up.

"No answer Thursday and so Friday morning when I woke up I texted him, he never returned my text. I called him. ... He never returned my call or anything," Williams said.

Later, Green did get back to Williams. By then, though, she had asked a friend to step in and finish the work so she could move in. The two agreed that Green would pay back half the money, $325, but after weeks of promises, Williams had no money in hand when she sat down with CBS4 Problem Solvers.

"I’m hoping and praying that he will come through and do what’s right," Williams said.

We called Green to get his side of things. He said that he had to finish another job before he could pay Williams back, which is why it was taking so long. He also said this was his first complaint. Green's company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, but CBS4 did verify that there are no complaints against him there, or with the Indiana Attorney General.

The same day CBS4 Problem Solvers first called Green, he paid Williams $125. The day we called again two weeks later, he paid her $50. A day before the story was scheduled to air on CBS4, Williams completed his promise and paid Williams back the final $150.

Green would not do an on camera interview, instead texting CBS4 this statement:

"This whole thing between me and Ms. Williams has been a big misunderstanding and lack of communication. I just thank and Praise God that I was able to give Ms. Williams $325 of her money back that we agreed upon. I also thank God we reconciled, looked each other in the eye, shook hands and embraced one another. This has been a learning experience for the both of us, I'm sure."

Williams said she's glad to have the money back, and hoped that this would serve as a wake up call to Green to conduct business differently with future clients.

"I don't have money to just pass out like that," Williams said. "Not once did I ever think that that would happen."

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