Two thieves arrested for targeting and stealing from senior citizens

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE (May 23, 2019)-- Laron Dorsey pleaded guilty to three counts of theft, and prosecutors dropped three counts of robbery and one count of fraud. He was sentenced to one year in jail with 68 days of jail credit and the remainder of the sentence was suspended, resulting in no additional jail time. He'll be on supervised probation for 297 days.

Original story:

MUNCIE, Ind.- Police have arrested two people for targeting and robbing senior citizens.

26-year-old LaRon Dorsey and 20-year-old Alyzabeth Jones are each facing nearly 20 fraud and robbery charges.

In the past eight days, Muncie Police have received at least three purse snatching robberies reports. One victim is a 93-year-old woman named Martha who told detectives she was sitting in her car, parked in her driveway, when a man attacked her.

“(I’ve) never been so frightened in my life,” explains Martha, robbery victim.

Martha said the robber threw himself on top of her, pushed her head to the side and took off with her purse.

“You think you’re safe and you’re not,” explains Martha.

Detectives believe the thieves followed Martha as she left a nearby drug store. The other two purse snatching robberies happened at the Muncie Mall.

“It infuriates me that people have to pick on the elderly, somebody that can’t defend themselves. (They think) that they’re an easy mark and people take advantage all the time of them,” explains Jane Russell, one of the victim’s neighbors.

Detectives tracked $2,000 in fraudulent purchases on Martha’s stolen credit cards. They were able to figure out minutes after a robbery, the thieves were out using the stolen credit cards.  Police provided a surveillance picture from Wal-Mart, which they believe shows Jones and Dorsey shopping.

“If they need money they need to get a job not pick on the elderly,” explains Russell.

The most recent robbery happened Friday afternoon.  A woman reported her purse was ripped right off her arm in the Muncie Mall parking lot.  Minutes later and not too far away, detectives closed in on a car at a gas station that matched her description and previous surveillance video images.

According to court documents, Jones, Dorsey and a stack of credit card tracing back to their victims were found inside the vehicle.

“I hope you have a very long prison life,” explains Martha, robbery victim.

Detectives are confident Jones and Dorsey are tied to more victims.  If you know anything that could help in this case, call the Muncie Police Department.

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