Coach at Zionsville gym arrested, accused of recording teen co-worker in bathroom

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ZIONSVILLE, Ind.-- A now-former coach at a Zionsville recreational complex is facing charges after being accused of recording a teenage co-worker in a bathroom.

Lee Camden was arrested on voyeurism and child exploitation charges. Court documents show he was helping two 17-year-old girls give swimming lessons this month at InterActive Academy. One of the girls reportedly noticed Camden's smartphone recording when they went to change.

The phone was propped against a wall on top of a cabinet. She checked the phone, saw it was recording, and hit stop. Camden had walked into that restroom earlier in the day, but said he was "getting lotion," according to court documents.

Once the girls found out what was happening, they asked Camden if he left his phone in the bathroom. Court documents show he said his phone's camera "unexpectedly records" sometimes. He allowed the teen to delete the video, but she sent a copy to herself before she did.

The video showed Camden setting up the camera and double checking its positioning before one of the victims was captured naked. Another video reportedly showed up practicing the setup in the men's bathroom.

When police interviewed Camden, he said again that the phone sometimes turns on by itself and starts recording but "didn't want to see anything if it had done that."

Police said his version of the story wasn't matching up, and Camden requested a lawyer.

InterActive provided the following statement:

"On Saturday, March 18th, we were advised that a male employee was accused of setting up a cell phone camera and filming another employee in a non-public staff only bathroom. We reported this matter to the Zionsville police department who are now investigating the allegations. The employee involved has been terminated. We are fully cooperating with the investigation being performed by the Zionsville police department. In order to allow the law enforcement investigation to proceed, we will not be making any further statements at this time."

Another now-former coach was arrested in November at InterActive on child molestation and battery charges. Kenneth Arnold had worked at the facility since 2009. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, and more girls came forward with accusations. Since then, he faces two additional charges of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Parents said they were upset with news of the latest arrest and have questions about whether InterActive Academy is checking employees properly.

"I'm upset that this is now a consistent issue with IA," Joan Charlesworth said.

The mother said her 3-year old daughter took gymnastics and swim lessons at InterActive Academy, including lessons with Camden. She said they decided not to return after learning of Arnold's arrest.

"We're a great community and I hope that parents support the fact that we should stand up for our children and protect them," Charlesworth said.

Camden said he had no comment.

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