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Overdose of Randolph County man leads to arrest of friend for reckless homicide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Caleb Burkhardt.

Update (June 7, 2018): Caleb Burkhardt pleaded guilty on Wednesday to dealing in a narcotic drug. He was sentenced to 48 months: 12 months suspended, 20 months in jail, and 16 months on home detention.

WINCHESTER, Ind. – A man in Randolph County has been arrested after his friend allegedly overdosed on heroin.

According to authorities, Caleb Burkhardt was charged with reckless homicide and dealing a narcotic after his friend, Keith Lee was found dead of an apparent overdose on March 14.

On the same day, police applied and were granted a search warrant for the contents of Lee’s cell phone.  Located on that phone was a conversation of a planned drug transaction between him and the suspect, Burkhardt.

On March 20, police searched the contents of Burkhardt’s phone on a search warrant. The same conversation was found on his phone regarding the drug transaction.

Another conversation reportedly took place between Burkhardt and another friend regarding the news of Lee’s overdose.

According to court documents, Burkhardt asked the friend if the police knew Lee and Burkhardt had met, and became paranoid upon learning Lee’s cell phone was seized by police.

Also on Burkhardt’s cell phone was a draft where he allegedly admitted his guilt and told family members he didn’t want to go to jail for “manslaughter or second degree murder.”

On the same day of March 20, authorities arrived at Burkhardt’s residence to detain him. He allegedly sped off and led police on a small chase.

He was arrested in the 5000 block of W 400 N. and sent to St. Vincent Hospital for a psychological evaluation. After the evaluation, he was booked into Randolph County Jail on charges of reckless homicide and dealing a narcotic.

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