Trucking company cited 11 times after I-465 crash that shut down Rockville Road bridge

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo of the incident from from Indiana State Police

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Indiana State Police issued 11 citations for Twins Trucking, Inc. after a truck driver crashed into the Rockville Road bridge over I-465 on Jan. 10.

A semi truck struck the U.S. 36/Rockville Road bridge, leaving debris from the bridge all over the road. The truck was carrying a mobile car crusher, which inadvertently raised up during transit and struck the bridge. The armature on the car crusher raked along the underside of the bridge and punched up the pavement on Rockville Road above, raining concrete down on other vehicles.

One woman suffered non-life threatening injuries. Officials said they were surprised the injuries weren’t more severe. The driver of the truck was not ticketed or cited.

On Tuesday, the inspection report was released, showing the trucking company’s violations issued after the crash:

  • Dimension violation– width/height/length
  • Failure to prevent cargo shifting
  • Frame cracked/loose/sagging/broken
  • Hydraulic brake tubing improperly joined or spliced
  • Clamp or roto type brake out-of-adjustment (two citations)
  • Inoperative/defective brakes (two citations)
  • CMV manufactured after 10/19/94 has an automatic airbrake adjustment system that fails to compensate for wear
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of parts and accessories
  • Brakes out of service: The number of defective brakes is equal to or greater than 20 percent of the service brakes on the vehicle of combination

Outside of these citations, the company’s unsafe driving record for the last 24 months shows four total violations– three speeding violations and one for following too close to another vehicle.

INDOT spokesperson Nathan Riggs previously told CBS4 that INDOT is paying for repairs right now, but they’re documenting everything carefully.

“INDOT’s policy is to seek reimbursement for damages to state property on behalf of the taxpayers, we’re documenting and collecting all of the expenses associated with the crash — the demolition and the repairs, tracking all of that, so at the appropriate time we can seek reimbursement,” Riggs said.

Riggs noted May is a busy month on Indy’s west side, and INDOT is hoping to have the repairs finished by then.

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