Traffic stop leads police to seize 70 pounds of marijuana from pickup truck

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana State Police confiscated 70 pounds of marijuana after a traffic stop Tuesday afternoon.

Driving down I-70, a state trooper pulled over the driver who claimed to be headed to a plumbing job in Ohio, but his story was immediately suspicious.

“He didn’t know what the plumbing companies name was and he himself was not a plumber,” said the trooper who executed the stop.

That drug enforcement trooper didn’t want to be identified, but says after smelling marijuana he searched the tool box on the suspect’s truck and found 70 pounds of pot.

“You know 70 pounds of marijuana is a good amount weed.  Wholesale it’s probably 280 thousand dollars.  That’s a lot of money,” said the trooper.

The trooper arrested the 36-year-old driver Timothy Houghton from North Carolina.

The arrest is just another small victory in what remains an ongoing drug fight for ISP and IMPD.

“Tomorrow it might be 70 pounds of heroin or cocaine.  We’re looking for those drugs. We’re tired of seeing people overdosing,” said the trooper.

On Tuesday in Haughville in a different bust an IMPD officer noticed a car with illegal window tint.

Inside that car police found a table full of cash, cocaine, heroin, meth, Fentanyl and Xanax.

According to the police report, both the driver Braxton Buford and passenger Walter Goodman were arrested.

The IMPD says last year city wide their FLEX and vice units seized more than 7 pounds of cocaine, over 4 pounds of heroin,  249 pounds of pot, 25 pounds of meth and more than $760,000 in drug money.

“You hear a lot of people say it’s a victimless crime, but someone could kill somebody over drugs or their money.  It’s 100 percent not victimless,” said trooper.

State Police say it’s also important they have the public’s help.  If drivers see suspicious activity, they’re encouraged to report it.

The more eyes officers have the roads, the more likely the crooks are to be caught.