Indianapolis woman hits road block after filing taxes online

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- CBS4 Problem Solvers stepped in for a woman who filed her taxes online and hit a road block getting all her money back.

When Andrea Eversole sat down to file her taxes in late January, she expected it to go as smoothly as it usually does.

"The first two years (I filed online), I didn't have a problem," Eversole said.

As she completed her filing through Jackson Hewitt's online portal, though, her state return glitched.

"It kept popping up and telling me the state wasn’t accepting yet, but then it let me pay the filing fee and it went through as if it processed," Eversole said.

A few days later, it still hadn't processed.

"It still said ‘not yet transmitted’ online when I was checking it, so then I started calling them," Eversole said.

She said she called again and again, talking to multiple people who told her it was under investigation. A month later, at her wit's end, she called us.

"Everybody was just pushing me to the next person and not giving me answers, so I didn’t know what else to do," Eversole said.

CBS4 Problem Solver's Jill Glavan reached out to the company and explained Eversole's situation to a spokesperson. A few days later, Eversole got a call.

"Jackson Hewitt called me, refunded me my filing fee, and told me that they had gotten the issue fixed," Eversole said.

They walked her through a few steps online, and the state return finally went through.

Through a spokesperson, Jackson Hewitt said Eversole made a mistake in her return, and the online system should've flagged it. Eversole said she had tried to go back into her return to check for errors, by the system kept refreshing and kicking her back to its home page. The company said it is glad the problem is now resolved.

So is Eversole, who is reconsidering her options before she files next year.

"Had I not contacted you guys, and you guys contacted them, I would still probably be waiting for it on April 15," Eversole said.

If you want the help of CBS4's Problem Solvers, you can contact us at 317-677-1544 or

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