Woman who lost car in Primanti Brothers crash speaks out

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

AVON, Ind.- Police are still trying to figure out what caused a bizarre accident outside a brand new Primanti Brothers restaurant Saturday night in Avon. Ten vehicles were damaged after a speeding car flew off the road and careened into the restaurant’s parking lot.

Avon resident Leah Flowers was inside the restaurant when the crash happened. All the waitress had to tell her was that there’d been an accident in the parking lot, and Flowers knew immediately what was to come next.

“And my heart just sank, because I knew where I’d parked,” said Flowers.

She and her family somehow didn’t hear the crash as they were wrapping up dinner. Witnesses said the crash left the parking lot looking like a tornado had just rolled through.

“There was a tree on top of my car, a whole tree on top of my car,” said Flowers, “mulch everywhere, dirt everywhere.”

It appears a Ford Explorer, going too fast, careened off the road, jumped a drainage ditch, and then smashed into Flowers’ car; that, in turn, started a domino effect that damaged nine other vehicles.

“I went from crying, to being ticked off, to laughing because I couldn’t cry anymore,” said Flowers.

Despite the extensive damages to so many vehicles, no one was seriously hurt or killed.

“The timing of this was so perfect that no one got hit by this vehicle, or severely injured by it, it was amazing,” said Flowers. What’s not so amazing is the story behind her car. Flowers had just bought it two weeks ago, after saving up by working at a local Chik-Fil-A.

But for having a car that’s now a total loss, Flowers has a pretty profound way of looking at all this. She wonders if she parked in that spot for an unforeseen reason.

“I’m almost glad that I parked there, because then there’s no chance anyone else would have been there,” she said, “because…had I not parked there, someone else could have been pulling in with their kids and could have been in the car and with that impact it would have been devastating.”


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