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Locally developed app aims to unburden caregivers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – For those who act as a caregiver to a loved one, a new way to make the process easier will be available soon.

It comes in the form of an app called Patch Health, built by Carmel-based developer Jonathan Haag.

Patch Health allows multiple caregivers for a loved one a way to coordinate care.

Some features are the “journal” where caregivers log what they’ve done, like what medications are given and when, for example.

The “lockbox” holds documents, like wills.

The app then connects all caregivers for that person and keeps everyone up to date.

The Family Caregiver Alliance shows that 44 million Americans are caregivers. Research shows up to 70 percent show signs of clinical depression, and up to half of those show signs of major depression.

Haag says he’s trying to unburden caregivers so they can focus on their loved one.

“I have experienced the caregiving journey myself through my grandparents and seeing the impact that had on my parent’s life,” said Haag. “To see the level of stress on my parents when their desire was really to just be able to love and care for their family member, the journey quickly turned into high levels of stress, almost to the point of they themselves becoming ill and needing care. That’s not what caregiving should be about.”

Haag says the Patch Health app will be available to the public in June.

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