Fetus dies after pregnant Indianapolis woman is assaulted

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A case of domestic violence led to a deadly discovery for an Indianapolis mother-to-be.

The victim told police she lost her unborn child after being assaulted by the baby’s father. The assault took place at an apartment complex on the city’s northwest side.

Inside her apartment building, a pregnant woman claims she was repeatedly punched during an attack by the father of her unborn child.

The victim says she went to the hospital a week later and after getting an ultrasound doctors informed her the 9-week-old fetus was not going to survive because it was stuck in her fallopian tube. The victim says the assault didn’t directly kill the baby, but the next day the woman called to police to report the alleged battery.

That victim was still too shaken up to want to talk about the story on camera.

Right now, 38 states including Indiana have fetal homicide laws, but Indiana’s law depends on the age and viability of the fetus to survive outside the mother.

“In this case, if the fetus is 9-10 weeks along, it’s not going to be deemed viable so the more serious statutes fall by the wayside,” said Crawford.

Crawford says in the end, prosecutors could simply charge the suspect with aggravated battery for harming the mother because young fetuses do not enjoy equal legal protections.

“If the fetus is viable, somewhere between 21 and 24 weeks along, all the laws change and murder or manslaughter could be brought,” said Crawford. “If the fetus is not viable, the charges are still serious but not as serious.”

The victim says she hopes the suspect is charged with domestic battery for hitting her.

So far the suspect has not been arrested or charged with a crime. IMPD detectives are still investigating the allegations.

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