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Emergency officials encourage Hoosiers to make a plan for damaging storms

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TIPTON, Ind. — Emergency Management Officials are encouraging residents to make a plan before storms hit Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

In rural Tipton County, EMA Director, Chuck Bell is making sure his staff stays up to date on the latest forecasts.

“We’ll start posting to social media and also within our own emergency services just kinda what’s expected,” he said. “Especially in the 911 center, I’ll bring in an extra person that way we can handle the barrage of phone calls we get for power outages or lines down and then the fire departments and police departments will do the same thing.”

Strong winds and thunderstorms are expected to rock central Indiana overnight, likely while you’re sleeping. Officials say the dangerous storm is made even more threatening by the lack of sigh and people awake.

“Overnight, most people are sleeping obviously and then the other part of it is, spotters are almost ineffective because you can’t really see anything,” Bell said.

EMA officials are encouraging residents to set up weather alert systems before heading to bed, whether that’s an alert system on your phone or buying a weather radio. Keep in mind, some weather radios take a few minutes to set-up, so make sure you have time to input the correct county and time information.

Storms Tuesday and Wednesday have the largest threat of high winds, meaning power outages are the greatest concern for emergency officials. Weather radios give you a loud warning when there’s bad weather coming, even if your power goes out. While a tornado siren may or may not go off for powerful winds, emergency officials said weather radios give detailed information about severe storms.

“It gives you a lot more information than just the blank siren. The siren lets you know what’s going on, but it may not tell you the exact information,” Bell said.

Talk about an overnight severe weather plan with your entire family before you head to bed and make sure your phone is charged so you can get alerts and notifications from The Weather Authority.

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