College student gives ex-girlfriend a D- for apology letter, suggests corrections

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DELAND, Fla. – If you’re going to write a letter to Nick Lutz, you’d better make sure you’re following the proper rules of grammar and putting together a rock-solid argument.

The Stetson University student took a red pen to make corrections to a four-page letter of apology from his ex-girlfriend after their relationship ended. He then sent it back to her marked up with the corrections.

Lutz, who wrote notes in the margins, noted that she used “loose” when she really meant “lose.” He also criticized his ex for employing “useless fillers” when formulating her thoughts.

At one point, his ex-girlfriend writes, “I just hope to God you have thought about me,” to which Lutz writes in the margin, “I have not.”

In the end, he gave the letter a 61 out of 100—a solid D-minus. He also dinged her for “lackadaisical handwriting” toward the letter’s conclusion.

Lutz’s summarized the letter with this scathing salvo:

Long intro, short conclusion. Strong hypothesis but nothing to back it up. Details are important. If you want to be believed, back it up with proof. You claimed that cheating never occurred, but place blame on yourself—then what for? Need to stop contradicting your own story and pick a side. While this gesture is appreciated, I would prefer details over statements. Revision for half credit will be accepted.

Lutz posted the letter with revisions on Friday, writing, “When your ex writes you an apology letter so you grade it to send it back.”

Since then, it’s gotten more than 107,000 retweets and more than 313,000 likes.

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