Local dads create board game version of popular bottle flipping game

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARION, Ind.-- Kids love it, but some parents are down right annoyed by the bottle flipping game. Now, three local dads have come up with a way to ease parents' headaches about the game.

It's a board game that makes bottle flipping not only bearable, but also educational.

After a viral video showed this cool trick, kids are obsessed with flipping water bottles. The goal is to get the bottle to land upright. Three dads from Marion got fed up with the noise and did something about it.

"It just came out of necessity. Our kids were playing it one day and we decided we needed to have some structure so we created a game for them to play on a soft play mat to reduce the noise," said Kap It co-founder Matt Hussong.

Matt Hussong, Joe Kroll and their business partner Ryan Frank came up with Kap It. In four short months, they had a design, a game concept and products ready for purchase.

"We wanted it to have some kind of science and math behind it something to be thinking," said Kroll.

Each portion of the board has a number of points you can receive. Where ever your bottle lands, that's how many points you get. The goal is 21, but the name Kap It adds a twist.

"There's a challenge to landing on the cap. The cap is obviously smaller and it's a little bit more challenging so with our game if you land it on the cap you get double the points. So double the risk, double the reward," said Kroll.

The game is already being used in schools and the team even hosted a Kap It competition with a youth group. Since there's no technology involved, it's also become a way to get the family together.

"It's a nice common bond for the whole family. We've had children young as three playing it and grandparents up to 65," said Kroll.

Since bottle flipping is all the rage on social media, these dads are learning from their kids too.

"It's a learning process to connect the kids to the viralness of bottle flipping, so those are things we had to learn on the fly here. What's a hashtag?" Hussong said.

The game is now available for purchase. To get Kap It for your family, click here.

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