Court docs: Suspect charged with murder after man shot ‘execution-style’ in Delaware County field

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UPDATE (April 24, 2018) - Alonzo Williams was sentenced to 60 years for murder with a 17-year enhancement and 13 years for criminal confinement.

UPDATE (Feb. 21, 2018): Alonzo Williams was found guilty in the killing of Jeffrey Brown.


MUNCIE, Ind. — Police arrested a man in connection with an “execution-style” killing in Delaware County and say they believe the shooting was retaliation for another killing.

Alonzo Williams, 24, is charged with murder in the death of 39-year-old Jeffrey Brown. Brown’s body was found in a field along Inlow Springs Road Tuesday. According to the coroner, he was shot several times in the back of the head.

A witness reported seeing a vehicle fleeing the area shortly after hearing gunshots nearby. According to court documents, Brown’s hands had been bound behind his back.

Brown was a suspect in the Feb. 5 shooting that killed Joseph Johnson, according to court documents.

Police found muddy tire tracks and a broken piece of a turn signal near Brown’s body. Blue paint chips were also found at the scene near a fence. Police determined the turn signal likely came from a mid-90s GMC.

On Wednesday, police were called to a garage where they found a 1993 GMC Yukon with moderate front end damage, missing blue paint and a broken turn signal. Damage from the vehicle matched the turn signal recovered from the scene.

The owner of the vehicle told police that Williams came to his home on Monday night and asked to borrow the Yukon as well as a 9mm Ruger handgun. Williams returned later and asked to borrow a Tek-9 handgun.

The witness said Williams told him that he needed to “hit a lick,” which is slang for committing a robbery. When Williams returned the truck, it was covered in mud and had front end damage; Williams told the owner that a woman had wrecked the vehicle. He didn’t return either handgun, court documents said.

Another witness who spoke with police said Williams told him that he’d shot Brown.

An additional witness said he’d ridden in a truck with Williams, who told him he was going to rob Brown and “it was going to get violent.”

Muncie Police Chief, Joe Winkle, said they are looking into many different motives for the murders.

"It could have been a variety of things. It could have been revenge style. It could have been drug related. There's just so many variables we're looking into," Chief Winkle said.

According to court documents, Williams is related to Joseph Johnson—a man Brown was suspected of killing. That witness said the truck was covered in mud and had front end damage when Williams returned. Williams also asked for bleach to clean the Tek-9, the witness said, adding the Williams told him he’d “silenced Jeff Brown.”

Police located Williams on the south side of Marion County early Friday morning and took him in for questioning. The U.S. Marshal's office helped police track down Williams from cell phone calls.

"At that point, they feel like they're on the run or they're invincible. Either way it goes, you need to get them secured just do they don't hurt anyone else," Delaware County Sheriff Ray Dudley said.

Police are still looking for the gun Williams used in the execution style killing. They're also looking to talk to more people who may be involved in both murders.