Idaho man’s pet squirrel attacks burglar

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Many homeowners have dogs for protection, but an Idaho man’s unusual pet proved to be just as effective when fending off a burglar.

Adam Pearl walked into his home on Tuesday and quickly realized something was wrong, KIVI-TV reports.

“I came in the front door and well I saw snow prints out in the front driveway going to the back of the house so I thought something was awry because no one usually goes through the yard,” Pearl told KIVI-TV.

Pearl’s pet squirrel Joey greeted him at the door, and then he started noticing that doors were open all over the house.

He went to his gun sage and realized someone had been trying to get in it.

“And I started looking at it and saw the scratches that are around the locking area and at that point I knew somebody was definitely in here messing around,” Pearl said.

Pearl called police, and just a few hours into the investigation, they returned with some of his stolen belongings.

The officer told Pearl that they found the suspect and were able to trace him back to the burglary because of the scratches on his hands and arms.

“She said while she was questioning the individual, he had scratches on his hands, so she asked him ‘Did you get that from the squirrel’ and he says ‘Yeah, (expletive) thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left,’” said Pearl.

Joey is being hailed a hero, and he was rewarded with his favorite treat—Whoppers!

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