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4 Your Health: New FDA approved treatment stops excessive sweating

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Excessive armpit sweating is a medical condition that affects millions of people. It’s actually called hyperhydosis, and it’s very common.

It’s frustrating for those who suffer from it, but a new treatment could stop it forever.

Chasity Brighton, 42, has dealt with excessive armpit sweating most of her life.

“It stains my clothes, I can see it, it’s uncomfortable, it smells and I’m constantly reapplying deodorant,” said Brighton.

She didn’t know how to fix the problem until she was told about MiraDry, an FDA approved treatment.

“What MiraDry does is actually it administers a microwave energy to heat up the skin and the tissues underneath the skin,” said Dr. Jack Long of The Vein center, PLLC.

The microwave energy raises the temperatures of the sweat and odor glands to get rid of them while cooling the skin to prevent burns.

The MiraDry procedures takes an hour. Two treatments are recommended. Patients can expect 50 to 60 percent sweat reduction on the first treatment and 80 to 90 percent on the second treatment.

Patients say the worst part of the procedure is being injected with the local anesthetic in the beginning to numb the armpits.

Several doctors offer the procedure here in central Indiana.

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