Crews to begin next step in Rockville Road Bridge repairs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo from IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Crews are starting the next step in repairing the Rockville Road Bridge.

The work continues on the damage that was done earlier this month, when a truck driver crashed into the bridge on January 10th.

Rieth Riley Construction officials say crews are scheduled to start the final demolition phase so they can start rebuilding. Workers plan to install construction zone signs and start selectively removing concrete and steel. They’re preparing the site for four new beams, with each beam weighing about 70 tons and measuring 125 feet long.

The work will be done from the eastbound Rockville Road loop ramp, which remains closed.

“All of the traffic is pushed to the north side of the bridge, west bound traffic is very much similar to how it was before, eastbound traffic is limited to one lane across the bridge, so that will remain in that configuration until this project is complete — that’s going to take a few months,” said INDOT spokesperson Nathan Riggs.

Officials are not expecting any traffic restrictions on I-465 during this phase of the project, but some overnight lane closures are expected in the future as the project goes on.

One left lane of northbound and southbound I-465 will be closed during overnight hours. Officials say specific dates and times of lane closures will be announced in advance.

Riggs says INDOT is paying for repairs right now, but they’re documenting everything carefully.

“INDOT’s policy is to seek reimbursement for damages to state property on behalf of the taxpayers, we’re documenting and collecting all of the expenses associated with the crash — the demolition and the repairs, tracking all of that, so at the appropriate time we can seek reimbursement,” Riggs said.

In the meantime, officials are reminding everyone to take it slow while driving by crews as they work to get the area back to normal.

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