Greenwood teen speaks out after witnessing friend being fatally shot in car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENWOOD, Ind. – A Greenwood teenager is behind bars accused of reckless homicide. Police say he shot and killed his 16-year-old friend during an argument and then took off. CBS4 spoke with another teenager who was in the car the night it happened.

“We were just sitting there and all I saw was him point the gun at him and his clip was half way out. Zach said 'what are you going to do' then Issac shot him. I ran after that and just took off,” said 15-year-old witness Logan Brissey.

Brissey is now a key witness in the reckless homicide investigation. He tells us that he saw 18-year-old Isaac Stinemetz shoot and kill one of his best friends, 16-year-old Zachary Edwards.

“I did not know my ears were ringing and I just jumped out of the car and took off. I did not know what was going to happen next and my first instinct was to run,” said Brissey.

Brissey ran away from the crime scene and called his family to come pick him up. His mother drove him straight to the police department.

“I told them that I need to see an officer because my son was a witness to a killing. About 20 minutes later an officer came down and got us. The officers knew about the shooting but did not have details because we were the first ones at the police department,” said Logan’s mom Jennifer Brissey.

While Brissey was talking to police, officers say Stinemetz left Zach in the car and tried to hide the evidence, tossing his gun down into a storm drain. Police tracked down Stinemetz at his home where he later confessed to shooting his friend. He told officers that he did not know the gun was loaded.

“He must be locked away,” said Logan.

After Zachary was shot and killed, officers say another boy came to the car and took a very graphic picture of the scene. A picture that officers are now working  to remove from social media before Zachary’s family sees it.

Police say pointing a gun and threatening to kill people was not new for 18-year-old Stinemetz, his friends told officers that he would often show off his weapons.

“He always had two clips. One was empty and the other had bullets,” said Logan.

The Brisseys say they are praying for Zach’s family and wishing that the 16-year-old with a great sense of humor and so much life ahead of him was coming over after class tomorrow.

“I’m going to miss him and I wish that we could have hung out for longer and graduated high school together,” said Logan.

Stinmetz remains behind bars at the Johnson County Jail while officers work with the victim’s family to figure out funeral expenses.

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