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No jail time for caregiver who left disabled adults inside van for hours while he shopped

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Mug shot: Christopher McCoy

GREENWOOD, Ind. – A Greenwood man who left three adults with disabilities inside a van while he went shopping at the mall will avoid jail time.

Christopher McCoy, 25, pleaded guilty to three counts of neglect in the case and will serve a year and a half on probation.

4 Fast Facts

  • Caregiver left three people inside a van for two hours while he shopped at mall
  • Another shopper noticed the van had been unattended for about 2 hours
  • Man came back from mall with shopping bags and new shoes
  • He pleaded guilty to neglect and will get probation

The incident happened in October 2015, when a woman flagged down security at the Greenwood Park Mall after noticing the van had been parked with three people inside for about two hours.

The men inside the van had severe mental disabilities, limited mobility and were mostly non-verbal. When McCoy returned to the van, he was carrying several shopping bags and wearing new shoes he’d bought at the mall.

He told investigators he’d been inside the mall for about two hours. McCoy was working for a company called ResCare and was in charge of caring for the men.

Two of the three adults in the van had wet diapers, investigators discovered. They weren’t wearing coats despite temperatures in the 40s.

When police asked McCoy what should happen to a person who abandons people they’re supposed to take care of, McCoy told them they should face penalties and go to jail.

Greenwood police said McCoy treated the men “like baggage.”