Police search for vandals who smashed more than a dozen windows on Indy’s west side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Vandals smashed the window of this truck with a car seat

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Investigators are searching for the vandals responsible for smashing car windows on the city’s west side.

Sometime in the overnight or early morning hours on Monday, police believe vandals hit more than a dozen vehicles.

“Disgusted, (it) must’ve been some low lives that don’t have a job, don’t work, just out there vandalizing,” said Kurt Fulbright, car vandalism victim.

IMPD believes at least 20 vehicles were vandalized, and there could be even more victims that haven’t filed a police report yet.

So far, none of the victims have reported anything stolen from inside the vehicles.

“That’s what everybody wants to know, why were they just going around busting windows. If they were taking stuff, that’s one thing, they’re just vandalizing for no reason. Disgusting,” said Fulbright.

Some victims had two windows shattered on their vehicles while other cars were untouched just feet away.

“That is a $400-$600 piece of glass and that kind of hurts after Christmas. My other friends, their’s is $2,500 that they got,” said Joe Todd, car vandalism victim.

Investigators aren’t sure what type of weapons the vandals used. A baseball bat, a hammer, or possibly some type of gun may have been used to shatter windows.

“Be glad I didn’t catch you,” said Todd.

If your car was hit, you’re encouraged to file a police report in order to give detectives a better estimate on how many vehicles were hit.

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