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IN Focus: Pence prepares to leave Indiana for D.C.

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INDIANAPOLIS - In just a matter of weeks, Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) will become our next Vice President. And before leaving the Hoosier State for Washington full-time, Pence stopped to talk with reporters over the Christmas holiday while volunteering at the Wheeler Mission.

What do you say to Hoosiers as you prepare to leave office and move to DC?

"Karen and I just have a heart filled with gratitude, for all the opportunities that people of Indiana have given us to serve, first in congress and then as governor as the state that we love," said Pence. "And I could just assure Hoosiers that as we prepare to assume office on January 20th that we’re going to be taking all the great experiences and all that  great Hoosier common sense to Washington."

What do you think your legacy as governor will be?

"I think that will be for others to say.  I’m very humbled that we’ve been able to demonstrate here in the state of Indiana, that you can live within your means, you can make historic investments in education, infrastructure and even health care," said Pence. " You can cut taxes and let Hoosiers keep more of what they earn. And you can see more Hoosier working than ever before. We’ve put common sense principles into practice here in the state of Indiana. I’m just very proud of what the people of Indiana have accomplished. I think our state in so many ways has been an example to the country of what happens when you put common sense principles into practice and I know it’s exactly the kind of leadership and principles president-elect Donald trump is going to bring to the White House."

While discussing his legacy, Pence did not mention any of the controversial items that made news during his term, such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or the controversy over abortion restrictions.

How does what you’re seeing here impact your view in terms of social services and other things as you head to Washington? (More people are being served at Wheeler compared to last year)

"I think we recognize all the prosperity that we’ve been able to experience here in Indiana today and even with more Hoosiers working than ever before that we still have work to do," said Pence. "I can assure you that when the President-Elect and I take that oath of office that we’re going to go right to work on promoting the kind of policies that we promoted here in Indiana, to really get uh, the people that have been really left behind in the economy back to work and create jobs and opportunities. But it also means we’re going to need to continue to provide the resources for the social service organizations that come along and help our most vulnerable citizens... I’m confident that working with the congress we’ll do that. Prosperity is an antidote for many, many challenges facing the American people. The President-elect and I are determined to advance the kind of policies that will lower taxes, roll back regulations and see real growth and real jobs and opportunity come to people all across the country in the way that they came to Indiana."

Trump and Pence will be sworn into office on January 20th. CBS4 will have a team of reporters in Washington D.C. to cover the inauguration.

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