IN Focus: Indiana elector says he doesn’t expect defections

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS - It all becomes official on Monday, as the electoral college meets to cast their votes for President.

Electors are supposed to cast their votes for the winner of their home state, but in this unusual and unprecedented election year, many are wondering if there will be any defections or surprises when the votes get tallied on Monday.

Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes in November’s election, which means 37 electors would have to “defect” to change, or stall the result.

Indiana’s 11 electors are all Republicans who are pledged to vote for Trump, but unlike electors in other states, they’re not bound by law to do so.

This year, electors have been facing more pressure than ever to change their vote- something that’s very rare. In fact, no Indiana elector has ever ‘gone rogue’ as some are calling for this year.

We spoke with an Indiana elector, retiring GOP chairman Jeff Cardwell, who says he’s received more than 80,000 emails begging him to change his vote.

“I would say we’ve had a number of people contact us from all across the country,” said Cardwell. “We’re continuing to get lots of phone calls, emails and written letters, but this is not about people changing their mind. We’re here to represent the people of Indiana, the people spoke very loud and clear so I intend to cast my vote for Donald J. Trump.”

According to Politico, the Trump transition team has been conducting a ‘whip count’ to make sure electors don’t defect.

“There’s a lot of rumors out there that are not fact based rumors. I expect all of them to vote for Donald J. Trump,” said Cardwell of the Indiana delegation. “We’re not bound (by law) but we’ve never had a faithless elector and we hope to keep that same record going.”

Here’s a full list of our state’s electors who will cast their votes for President and Vice President at the Statehouse on Monday morning:

  • Stephanie Beckley, Jamestown
  • Daniel Bortner, Bedford
  • Laura Campbell, Carmel
  • Jeff Cardwell, Indianapolis
  • Donald L. Hayes, Jasper
  • Randall Kirkpatrick, Ligonier
  • Ethan E. Manning, Peru
  • Macy Kelly Mitchell, Indianapolis
  • Edwin J. Simcox, Fishers
  • Kevin Steen, Muncie
  • Chuck Williams, Valparaiso

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