Rain changing over to snow tonight; Another arctic blast on coming

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

So far, so good.  Mother Nature is cooperating with the forecast.  Precipitation is falling on central Indiana as mainly rain at 7pm Sunday.  As temperatures remain steady near freezing, rain should begin to change over to snow - from north to south - later this evening.  I think we will start to see changeover in the Indianapolis metro around 11pm.


A cold front will begin to move in early Monday morning and push the precipitation out of the area.  We should be finished with rain/snow by 6am Monday.

With the changeover to snow happening earlier in northern counties of the CBS4 viewing area, additional snow amounts may be a little higher in some of our northern counties.  Generally, I think there could potentially be another 1" to 3" of snow north of a line from Crawfordsville to Lebanon to Noblesville to Muncie.

Additional snowfall through 7am Monday.

Additional snowfall through 7am Monday.

South of that line totals will be up to an inch.  In the city of Indianapolis, I think we will see a half inch of snow or less.

One thing we will have to watch out for is water, from earlier rain, freezing on untreated/elevated surfaces such as trees.  We could start seeing ice forming on tree limbs this evening as temperatures hold steady near freezing on the ground.  Just a few feet above the ground temperatures will be a degree or two cooler.


Some of the northern areas of the CBS4 viewing area picked up a couple inches of snow last night and today.

Snow reports through 5pm Sunday.

Snow reports through 5pm Sunday.

So far the highest numbers have been reported in Miami County.  The snow depth drops off quickly as you head south towards Indianapolis.


Computer models continue to hint at snow chances this Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  A snow/rain mix may be possible to start next weekend.  There will also be two shots of cold air coming in the next seven days.  The first, an arctic blast, will arrive Wednesday and Thursday.  A second arrives for the second half of the weekend.


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