Lowe’s hires veteran and his service dog, pair become internet sensation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ABILENE, Texas – He served our country and wanted to again, but unfortunately health issues forced him to return to civilian life.

Clay Luthy, of Abilene, Texas, served in three deployments out of Uzbekistan and two out of Qatar, KRBS reports.

After multiple knee surgeries, including a reconstructive surgery, he wasn’t able to reenlist.

Luthy has a service dog named Charolette. Because Charolette goes with him everywhere, he had difficulty getting a job for a while. But then he finally found a company that would accept both him and his companion.

“We were interviewing people for his position and he was one of the applicants, and so he showed up for the interview, and he had Charolette with him,” Jay Fellers, Lowe’s Human Resource Manager, told KRBC.

Luthy wanted to make sure that Charolette wouldn’t be an issue.

He told me and said, “‘Oh no absolutely…we’ve got service dogs that work all throughout Lowe’s,’” said Luthy. “They offered me the job.”

He has now been working at Lowe’s for two months now and couldn’t be happier. Charolette comes to work with him every single day.

The best part about the duo is that he made his companion her very own work vest.

The customers love Charolette and Luthy.

“Clay’s been so friendly to allow Charolette to sit down and pet and enjoy our customers that are coming in on a regular basis,” said Fellers.

Luthy’s story went viral after a customer at the Lowe’s posted this picture of them on Facebook.


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