Rexnord employee reacts to Trump tweet about job loss

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- After a winning week for many Carrier workers, Rexnord employees are now in the spotlight.

This tweet from President-elect Donald Trump has workers there wondering about their own jobs.

“I prayed, ‘God, just give me something to hold on to, some hope,’” said Rexnord worker Brian Bousum. “Then, he tweeted.”

For Rexnord employee Brian Bousum, this late-night tweet from President-elect Donald Trump was a small sign that left room for uncertainty.

“He said ‘no more,’” said Bousum. “Does that mean no more after Rexnord? Does it mean he’s going to talk to the CEO Todd Adams? Did he try already? I have no clue.”

Already Bousum and his coworkers, including his son, watched all week as some of their union brothers and sisters at Carrier celebrated their holiday surprise. About 800 kept their jobs in a tax incentives deal brokered by Trump.

“The hope is that he’ll do that for us,” said Bousum. “You know, I doubt it, but I’ve got something to hold on to now, since that tweet.”

Rexnord’s 300 Indianapolis employees are set to start losing their jobs in february.

Bousum says he applauds Trump’s efforts, but he still thinks those jobs, including his, are likely headed for the border next year.

“Rexnord has a plan and they’re sticking with the plan,” said Bousum. “And you know, $20 million a quarter ain’t enough. They can make about $4 million more moving to Mexico, so they’re going to do what they have to do to pad their pockets I guess.”

Bousum acknowledges a tweet isn’t much… but it *is* enough to make a tough time a little easier.

“It’s just enough to give you a little thread of hope that a miracle can still happen,” said Bousum. “And sometimes that’s all you need to get by another day.”

We left a message on Rexnord’s communications hotline.

Right now, it’s still unclear whether Trump is actively trying to save the jobs at Rexnord.

Clearer though, is that while union workers applaud doing whatever it takes to save jobs, the tax incentives offered to carrier have drawn criticism from politicians along the political spectrum.

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