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Security camera catches man stealing package off of front porch

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis police are offering a warning for holiday shoppers: the shopping season often brings an increase in people stealing packages right off of front doorsteps.

That’s exactly what happened to one man who caught the crime on camera this week.

Hoping to avoid long lines and a hectic shopping experience, more and more shoppers get online to buy holiday gifts.

This week, Zachary Huggins waited for a custom grill cover ordered online to show up at his doorstep only to have a thief steal the package seconds after it arrived, surprising both Huggins and his wife.

“When I got home I said, ‘Where’s the package that came?’ and my wife said nothing came,” said Huggins.

Surveillance cameras from Huggins’ house show the suspect drive down the street. The FedEx delivery driver then dropped off the package at the front door, but seconds later the suspect ran up to the door, snatched the box and ran away.

“No more than 30 seconds after it was dropped off, he came and snatched it up and took off running to his vehicle,” said Huggins.

A sign on his door now tells deliverymen to ring the doorbell and not leave the package unattended.

“It’s a crime of opportunity. If they see an easy steal, they’re going to go for it,” said IMPD Officer James Gillespie.

The IMPD says package thefts are especially common during the holiday shopping season.

“As long as we can take measures on our own, we can prevent those thefts,” said Gillespie.

The suspect in Huggins’ case drove a somewhat distinctive car with a black quarter-panel. He hopes the suspect is caught before he steals again.

“Stealing is not good no matter how you look at it. If you can’t afford, it it’s not for you. That’s how I was always raised,” said Huggins.

Anyone with information on the suspect seen in the video can contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

Here is a list of tips from IMPD:

  • Request a signature confirmation of delivery. By doing this, the deliverer will have to wait until you’re available or else deliver the package to an at-home neighbor.
  • Insure valuable items.
  • Encourage trustworthy neighbors to watch for deliveries and agree to secure each other’s packages. This includes being watchful for any stranger who is going onto porches or following delivery trucks.
  • If you have an understanding boss, have your packages delivered to your office.
  • Track packages online to see exactly when they are enroute to your house. Take advantage of couriers’ text notification services letting you know when a package has been delivered.
  • Provide special instructions for where to place the delivered packages. A good place might be on the side or back of the house so that the package is out of sight from the road.

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