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Deputies revive overdosing man with naloxone, then find him dead the next day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENWOOD, Ind.— Deputies in Johnson County revived a young man with naloxone after he crashed a car Thursday night, only to find him out of the hospital and dead near a pond in his neighborhood the next morning.

According to the crash report, Corey Hillis, 23, was traveling south on SR 37 on the evening of Nov. 3 when he drove into the east turn lane for unknown reasons. His vehicle then drove into the grass median and back onto the road before hitting a yellow reflector and another vehicle.

"When our officers arrived, he was unresponsive, slumped over the wheel," Detective James Bryant, with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, said.

Hillis was described to have had a shallow pulse and faint breathing. A deputy then retrieved his naloxone pack and took measures to revive Hillis. Bryant said it took several doses of the drug, which is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, to get it to work.

In the report, a deputy said Hillis’ cell phone went off, displaying an unfinished text, while efforts were being made to revive him. According to the report, the unsent text indicated that he had taken drugs.

Once Hillis regained consciousness, he told deputies he did not remember what happened, and said he was prescribed Suboxone and thought he may have taken too many.

Authorities requested a warrant for his arrest on charges of driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana, after marijuana was found in the vehicle. Hillis was transported to Community South Hospital for treatment.

A deputy indicated in the report that medics "did advise me that the treatment after an overdose is lengthy and he would be held there for a while," but Hillis was released before Prosecutors filed an arrest warrant.

A passerby found Hillis’ body near a pond in his Greenwood neighborhood around 8:30 a.m., less than 15 hours after the crash. Deputies on the scene recovered a hospital wristband from Hillis’ pocket. He was pronounced dead by medics on the scene.

"He did not sign himself out. He was treated and released, and we’re trying to put together a timeline of what happened after he left," Bryant said.

Bryant said he doesn't know what killed Hillis, but he does not suspect foul play.

What he does know, is that in the last year he's seen the effects heroin and opioids are having on places in Johnson County.

"These people are people. They’re our sons, our brothers, our family members, our friends, our neighbors," Bryant said.

A family member told CBS4 that he'd hit roadblock after roadblock trying to get Hillis help, and wanted to know why it came to this and what really led to his death.

Bryant said that he gets it, and that cases like this one are taking a toll.

"It’s not natural ... if you are a parent, for your child to die. It’s just not. ... It’s not how it’s supposed to be," Bryant said.

An autopsy is being performed and an investigation into Hillis' death is underway.

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