Columbus family searching for deceased son’s stolen guitar

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COLUMBUS, Ind. – A Columbus family is pleading with the public to help them find their deceased son’s stolen guitar.

Seth Cain says his son passed away after a dirt bike accident on November 25, 2011, just two days after his 13th birthday.

"It is one thing to lose a child, but it is another to pick them up off the ground, knowing they are gone, said Seth Cain.

His son loved to play the guitar, and his prized possession was an epiphone Les Paul standard electric guitar.

About two years ago, he and his wife were searching for a house, and they put most of their belongings in storage.

Cain’s best friend at the time said he would store his son’s guitar. Cain was thankful because it was better than taking a chance of mice or mold ruining the guitar at the storage facility.

Cain says they bought a house, so he asked his friend for the guitar back. Finally, his friend told him he sold the guitar to Columbus Pawn Shop in October 2015.

"It is memories you can not replace and with the guitar being gone, it is one more memory that you hope never fades," said Cain.

Cain tried to file a police report, but he says police told him it happened too long ago.

Now he’s asking for the public’s help and is offering a reward to anyone who returns it.

The color of the Les Paul guitar is sunburst and the serial number is #DW07080812.

Cain says a family friend is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the guitar.

"I'm just asking for you to have a heart. You bought the guitar in good faith, you did not know the story behind it...but I promise you that it means more to me than it does to you," said Cain.

If you’ve seen the guitar or have any information about the guitar, please contact FOX59, and we will relay the information to Cain.

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