Indiana Libertarian congressional candidate sues Kentucky officer who arrested him, alleging civil rights violations

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Russell Brooksbank (Photo courtesy of Russell Brooksbank for Congress/Facebook)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Charges have been dropped against a Libertarian congressional candidate from Indiana who was arrested in Louisville after an alleged struggle over his phone during a September traffic stop.

Russell Brooksbank says he feels that “justice was served.”

Brooksbank had been charged with traffic violation of failing to signal and assaulting a police officer. An arrest report said Brooksbank was stopped after making a rude gesture to a passing Kentucky State trooper. Brooksbank’s campaign had denied that he made an inappropriate gesture.

The traffic case was dismissed Monday after the assault charge was dismissed earlier this month.

Brooksbank is running for the 9th congressional district seat against Democrat Shelli Yoder and Republican Trey Hollingsworth.

Brooksbank filed a federal lawsuit against Kentucky State Police Sergeant Dewayne Koch, alleging Koch violated his First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

After his exoneration, Brooksbank had this to say:

“We live in a free country, where people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and where the Constitution and the rule of law are supposed to govern, as they ultimately did in this matter. We do not live in a police state. Mr. Koch needs to be held accountable. My opponents, Hollingsworth and Yoder, apparently believe in a police state where everyone is guilty, and the government and its officers can enter our homes, and violate our rights and must be believed regardless of the truth. Voters in the 9th Congressional District deserve better. The voters can elect a candidate, like me, who stands up for our rights, who stands up for the truth and will uphold the Constitution and hold governmental officials accountable, or they can vote for one of the two government rubber stamp candidates they have in Hollingsworth and Yoder.”

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