Southport officers pitch in to buy their biggest fan his very own police car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTHPORT, Ind. — For a long time, little Sam Williams didn’t know what to think of police officers.

But now the 3-year-old Southport boy is, without a doubt, a big fan. Sam’s mother and grandmother said he was afraid of police officers. They tried to allay his fears by taking him to visit Southport police.

4 Fast Facts

  • 3-year-old Southport boy visits police officers every week
  • His mother and grandmother say the visits started because he was initially afraid of police
  • He’s now their biggest fan
  • Officers bought him his own police car and surprised him this week

Soon, Sam warmed up to the officers and even said he wants to become a police officer one day. For the past six months, he’s visited the Southport Police Department at least once a week to thank officers for their service. Police said he looks forward to getting a police sticker from them.

“He goes two or three days a week,” his grandmother said. “He said he wants to be a police officer and he’s so enthralled by the policemen. They are so sweet to him. They pay attention to him and give him a sticker. He just loves it. It’s heartwarming to see him go up there.”

Sam even got a uniform to wear during his visits, and sometimes brings friends with him to meet police.

To show their appreciation for him, Southport police bought him his own police car, an electric vehicle complete with Southport police graphics donated by Big Guy Signs. It says “Officer Sam” on the back.

They surprised him with the gift Thursday, with Chief Thomas Vaughn and Officer Aaron Allan, who helped coordinate the gift, in attendance.

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