A night in Castle Dracula? Contest invites 2 people to sleep in coffins on Halloween at creepy site

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BRAN, ROMANIA - MARCH 10: Bran Castle, famous as "Dracula's Castle," stands among Transylvanian mountains on March 10, 2013 in Bran, Romania. Bran Castle's reputation as the supposed home to Dracula corresponds little with Bram Stoker's novel, nor did Vlad Tepes, the sadistic 15th-century Wallachian prince, ever live there. Nevetheless the castle retains the myth and tourists flock there in large numbers. Bran Castle, along with the mountainous region of southern Transylvania, which is home to Saxon fortified towns and churches, are among the asssets the Romanian government hopes will bring increasing numbers of tourists to the country. Both Romania and Bulgaria have been members of the European Union since 2007 and restrictions on their citizens' right to work within the EU are scheduled to end by the end of this year. However Germany's interior minister announced recently that he would veto the two countries' entry into the Schengen Agreement, which would not affect labour rights but would prevent passport-free travel. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

BRAN CASTLE, Romania – For the first time since 1948, Dracula’s castle will welcome overnight guests on Halloween.

The site—actually named Bran Castle—is the subject of a promotion from Airbnb. Two guests will get to sleep there on Oct. 31. They’ll get a ride through Transylvania in a horse-drawn carriage to the mountain-top manor.

Dacre Stoker, the great grandnephew of Dracula author Bram Stoker, will greet the guests and host them for the night, giving them a tour of the manor and its 57 rooms.

The castle is famous for its connection to Vlad the Impaler, a prince who visited there in the 15th century and is thought by many to be the inspiration for Count Dracula.

4 Fast Facts

  • Contest from Airbnb invites two people to stay at Castle Dracula on Halloween
  • Castle is actually called Bran Castle
  • Interested applicants must answer question in brief essay to enter
  • They’ll enjoy a tour of the manor, dinner and a night sleeping in coffins

Interested applicants are asked to answer a question: What would you say to the Count if you were to come face-to-fang with him in his own castle? The organizers are hoping applicants will use some of their biting “vampiric wit” to get their attention in a short essay.

The contest launched Monday and closes to entries on Oct. 26. The winners will be flown to Romania and then taken to the castle in the Carpathian Mountains.

After being treated to a candlelight dinner of chicken paprikash prepared exactly as it was described in Stoker’s book, they’ll retire for the night in coffins. If that idea creeps them out too much, beds will be available.

There are a few house rules to keep in mind:

  • No garlic or garlic-scented items allowed
  • You are kindly requested to leave your silver jewelry at home
  • Do not cross the cutlery. In fact, please refrain from placing anything in a cross formation
  • Beware of the bats in the castle tower
  • Please close all curtains before sunrise
  • The count is not a fan of mirror selfies

Learn more about the contest and enter at the link.

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