No criminal charges against mother in Greenwood Amber Alert case, prosecutor says

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Morgan Negri

The mother of a Center Grove girl who was at the center of an Amber Alert last week won’t face criminal charges, the Johnson County prosecutor said Wednesday.

Prosecutor Bradley Cooper said there was “insufficient evidence” to support a charge in the case. The investigation began on Sept. 27 after police issued an Amber Alert for the 7-year-old daughter of Morgan Negri.

Earlier in the morning, the girl’s father received full custody of the girl during a court hearing. Negri hadn’t attended the hearing and didn’t know about the change, she said. The girl’s father arrived at the school with the court order and called 911 after learning his daughter was gone.

Negri had taken the girl to the dentist.

4 Fast Facts

  • No charges against mother in Greenwood Amber Alert case
  • Prosecutors says evidence doesn’t warrant criminal charges
  • Amber Alert went into effect last week after mother took girl to dentist
  • The girl’s father won custody during a court hearing that morning

Police said last week that they’d found “sufficient evidence” indicating that Negri had intentionally interfered with child custody.

But after reviewing the case, Cooper said the evidence didn’t support that assertion.

“There is no admissible evidence Ms. Negri had knowledge of the changed custody order she was alleged to have violated,” Cooper told CBS4. “So please understand, me not filing a charge is not an act of discretion. I am ethically prohibited from doing so as there is insufficient evidence to support a charge.”

Negri reported herself to police after learning about the Amber Alert last week.

The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office will review the father’s statements to see if a charge for filing a false report is warranted in the case.

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