Community Health employee carjacked, suspect leaves other stolen vehicle behind

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are searching for a man suspected of using one stolen vehicle to commit an armed carjacking at one of Community Health Network’s east side facilities.

The carjacking happened just before 5 p.m. Monday at Community Health Pavilion East, at 10122 East 10th Street. An employee at the facility told police she was walking to her minivan in the parking lot at the end of her work day when she saw a white pickup truck whip into the parking lot. As the woman was loading items into her minivan, she says a man with a handgun approached her and demanded her keys.

She described the suspect as a white male, approximately 5'8", thin build, full beard, shaggy hair, wearing a neon yellow sweatshirt and a hat.

The woman gave the suspect her keys and ran back to the building. The suspect left the white pickup he had driven to the facility and drove off in the woman’s minivan.

Police determined the pickup had also been reported stolen early Monday morning at 1401 South Holt Road. Police had been called to that location, Millennium Contractors LLC, after a man reported his 2015 Dodge 3500 had been stolen. The truck owner said his pickup had been left running with the door open when a white male with short brown hair and a teal t-shirt had hopped out of a U-Haul Van and driven off in his truck. He left the U-Haul van behind.  The truck owner said there was a 9mm handgun under the driver seat when it was stolen.

Police learned that the U-Haul van had been rented at 3320 West Morris Street. A U-Haul representative called the phone number registered with the rental. The man who answered said he was sorry and he had made a big mistake. The man said he wanted to return the stolen truck, but he never showed up to an arranged time and place.

Hours later, the same stolen pickup was left behind at the scene of the east side carjacking.

Police gathered the phone number and name associated with the U-Haul rental for their investigation into both crime scenes.

Meantime, the armed carjacking at the Community Health facility has prompted a network-wide discussion on safety and security protocols.

“The staff member did exactly what she needed to do,” said Scott Teffeteller, President of Community Health Network East Region. “She gave him her keys. Because first and foremost it’s about safety for our employees, our patients, our physicians.”

Teffeteller said all Community Health facilities have on-site security systems and personnel, and those systems are now being reviewed.

“We’re going to reeducate about using the buddy system, don’t walk out alone if possible,” Teffeteller said. “We’ll evaluate, determine who we have, the right staff.  Do we have the right security system? In healthcare it’s always about continuous improvement. And this is no different, it’s how do we improve the safety at all of our sites?”

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