Colts head to London to take on Jacksonville Jaguars

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Thursday evening, the Colts hopped on a plane to head across the pond for the franchise’s first ever trip to the UK. But before they embarked on their nine-hour journey, they had one final practice.

The only notables on the injury report  from Thursday afternoon practice, were TY Hilton and Andrew Luck. Luck was limited in practice but as the Colts have told us all season long, limiting number 12 is just a part of the plan they have laid out for him, so there’s no reason for concern.

Hilton did not participate in practice with a knee injury. Hilton was limited last week in practice as well with the same knee issue but he clearly performed fine in the game against the Chargers, scoring the winning touchdown.

After practice and meetings the Colts boarded their flight and snuggled into what looks to be comfortable individual quarters on their plane.

But how well can the players sleep on flights? Some people can sleep with ease while traveling, but others don’t have such luck.

“I do well with sleeping on planes,” Dwayne Allen said. “I do well with sleeping anywhere at anytime, so it won’t effect me.”

“I can sleep on a speaker if I have to,” linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said.

“When I make my mind up to go to sleep, it’s over with. I stayed up late last night so I’m pretty sure once I get situated and put my neck pillow on, I’m out. ”

But veteran leader Robert Mathis, isn’t quite as comfortable snoozing while soaring through the air.

“I don’t sleep well on planes,” Mathis admitted. “I gotta find rest somewhere but on the plane not so much.”

London is 5 hours ahead of Indianapolis. When the Colts finally do touchdown in England, it will be in the early hours of the morning, so let’s hope Robert Mathis can find some time to catch some much needed ZZZ’s when they arrive.

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