Muncie mom busted in SWAT raid for allegedly selling crystal meth

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUNCIE, Ind. -- A Muncie mom was busted during a SWAT raid Thursday morning for allegedly selling crystal meth to undercover officers.

Sabrina Clay was arrested on preliminary charges of dealing in methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance- drugs, possession of cocaine or narcotic drug, and dealing cocaine or narcotic. Deputies with the Delaware County SWAT team arrested Clay at a home on Kirby Avenue in Muncie.

Undercover deputies say they've seen an increase in crystal meth coming into the county.

"We had information that she was just getting back from Indianapolis with a bunch of crystal meth and heroin," a deputy said. "Anytime we hear someone is selling crystal meth, we jump on it."

This SWAT raid is one of four on this same block in Muncie within the last two months. Each investigation takes research, tools and cash. To see the need for resources first hand, Delaware County Council member Kevin Nemyer (D), went along with the SWAT team during the raid.

"It’s true. It’s factual. That’s what’s happening. When they ask for this, they’re not asking for anything that they don’t need. They need it to fight this problem. Delaware County takes a very aggressive approach to fighting this problem and it costs money. It’s expensive, but it’s something that you have to do," Nemyer said.

Delaware County Sheriff Ray Dudley said he's invited all council members to come out on SWAT raids. Council members recently voted to increase the sheriff's department budget by nearly $1 million for 2017. The 2016 budget for the sheriff's department was $5.6 million. The council voted to increase it to $6.5 million for 2017. The sheriff's department budget includes funding for the jail.

Clay's young child was at the house during the drug raid. Deputies said they avoided using certain more dangerous tactics like flash bangs.

"Seeing it first-hand really kind of drove it home and it was really sad to see," Nemyer said. “The first person out was the little boy and that was really kind of heartbreaking because you don’t think about that. You think about the drug dealers and the drug users, you don’t think about the children that would be in there."

The boy was taken into custody of DCS. Clay has a criminal history. She's previously been charged with drug and child neglect charges. She has a pending trial for October 20 for a separate neglect of a dependent case.

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