Clinton County family speaks out about dangers of E. coli after 2-year-old boy dies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Clinton County toddler has died after a brief battle with E. coli bacteria. Now, the family is speaking out about the illness and has a warning for parents everywhere.

“He was never really sick and very happy. He always wanted to be outside. He liked riding his motorcycle, playing with tractors and playing in the water. Like Brent said, he had never really been sick in his entire life,” said Brent and Kayla Dunham.

That all changed when 2-year-old Grayson Dunham became extremely ill in August. He was having severe pain and symptoms similar to the stomach flu, but it was something much worse.

“I just held him all night. Just trying to get him to go to sleep and be comfortable. He would lay his head down, then 10 minutes later he had pain again,” said Brent.

Grayson was diagnosed with an E. coli infection, which the CDC says is a pretty common illness. The toddler also developed a severe complication of E. coli that was destroying his red blood cells and shutting down his kidneys.

“His pain had taken a sharp turn and he could not move. At that point, he became very bloated up and you could tell everything about him had changed,” said Brent.

Five days after the illness started, Grayson passed away. He left behind memories and an everlasting impact on his family, that will never be forgotten.

“We will probably never know why things happened so fast. We will probably never know where he picked E. coli up from. That is just one thing we will have to live with,” said Kayla.

Parents know kids can get into anything and the warning goes beyond the proper cooking of food and different types of juices. It really hits home on making sure young kids are regularly washing their hands or anything that touches their mouth.

The Dunham family is asking that all donations be made in Grayson’s name. The money will benefit Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health’s pediatric intensive care unit. The family wants to use the funds to create a foundation for the toddler and eventually raise enough money to dedicate a room inside of the hospital in Grayson’s name.

To donate follow this link and follow the steps listed below on the flyer to be sure your donation goes to Grayson's fund.


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