Pia Urban Cafe and Market serves up Puerto Rican flair on Indianapolis’ east side

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4 Things You Need to Know about Pia Urban Cafe & Market

  • Pia Urban Café & Market opened in April of this year, serving breakfast, coffee and lunch.
  • The east side café is known for its Cuban sandwiches and Puerto Rican fusion. Their coffee beans are sourced from Puerto Rico!
  • Yelpers love that the interior decor at Pia makes it feel like you’re hanging out an outdoor cafe with a large wall mural and cafe style seating.
  • Yelpers suggest ordering the Medianoche sandwich, which is a version of the traditional Cuban sandwich but with a slightly sweet bread (similar to Hawaiian rolls in flavor!)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - It's a dose of Puerto Rican flair at one of Yelpers' favorite new businesses! Pia Urban Cafe & Market opened in April right on Washington Street in Indianapolis.

Pia Urban Cafe & Market is a local community-driven cafe. The east side spot is known for its Puerto Rican fusion, straight from the owner's home country.

"When the customer walks into our coffee shop, I want to have a feeling of Puerto Rico! Our coffee beans come from Puerto Rico. We have a big selection of coffee drinks, espresso, mochas, latte and cappuccinos. All made to order here," explains owner Maria Bertram.

The beautiful and inviting cafe serves breakfast, coffee and lunch.

"One of the top things Yelpers are loving about Pia is before you walk in the door you see these beautiful murals that made by people in the neighborhood then it has the outdoor-café with murals spanning the entire space," says Brittany Smith from Yelp Indy.

Smith tells us Yelpers love the classic Cuban sandwich, but the Medianoche is top on the online reviews. It's the traditional Cuban but on a slightly sweeter bread, similar in flavor to Hawaiian rolls.

"People love the combination of the sweet and salty," adds Bertram.

The cafe also locally sources other menu items, including Shapiro bagels and scones and muffins from Circle City Sweets.

Bertram also wants to make an impact in the Englewood neighborhood. Pia Urban Cafe & Market is one of the businesses tied to Indy's Great Places 20/20 project. The goal is to revitalize this Washington Street corridor.

"What I want to do besides selling the coffee is to create jobs for this community.  We think this is catalyst for what to come. I am very excited to be a part of the mission," says Bertram.

Adds Smith, "In Pia, you will see people having coffee having meetings having lunch. It shows vibrancy in their neighborhood."

Check out Pia Urban Cafe & Market here on Yelp.

Photo gallery from Yelp.

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