Facebook helping tornado victims find their lost possessions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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KOKOMO, Ind. – Piece by piece, Kokomo tornado victims are putting their lives back together and Facebook is helping post by post.

Days after four tornadoes touched down in Howard County, a Facebook page called, “Kokomo Tornado Lost and Found” was created. As people are cleaning up they’re finding items that don’t belong to them, things the tornado blew into their yards.

Anything from pictures to paperwork, neighbors are trying to connect people with their possessions.

“It’s been a long week but it sure don’t feel like I week, feels like a few days,” said Katie Myers, a tornado victim.

Myers’ home is barely standing. When she stopped by she found two pictures left on her deck. Just a few days ago, an older one found its way back to her when she saw a stranger posted it on social media.

“That was the last picture I had of my great grandparents that was taken,” said Myers.

Now Myers wants to share that feeling. She found a baby picture in her front yard, and she posted to Facebook in an effort to find the owner.

“That’s someone’s kid or that’s someone themselves that they might be missing. Hopefully someone says it’s theirs,” said Myers.

The “Kokomo Tornado Lost and Found” page has more than 1,000 likes. Diane Johns’ post is just one of the success stories.

“These are things you can’t replace,” said Diane Johns, a Cedar Crest neighbor.

Johns found a family picture tucked under her truck after tornado. She didn’t recognize anyone in the picture, but she knew Facebook would. Hours after posting the picture, the owner came forward and came over to claim it. The now grown-up little girl in the picture is sitting with her dad and brother, she told us her she thinks the picture went for a five mile ride from her dad’s home.

Like so many other homes, her dad’s is badly damaged. The picture doesn’t even have a scratch and the story of how it found its way home is now another memory.

The downtown Kokomo-Howard County is also a lost and found site. You can drop off a small item that you found at the front desk. If you want to claim something, you will have to provide a description of the item and a photo ID.

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