Josh Speidel starts freshman year at UVM, practices with basketball team

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COLUMBUS, Ind. -- Columbus native Josh Speidel continues to move forward in his recovery. Speidel was seriously injured in a car crash in February 2015.

Today, Speidel is doing so well, he's off to start his freshman year at the University of Vermont. Indiana's Very Own Josh Speidel is also practicing with the team nearly every single day!

"I am feeling awesome," says Speidel.

Back home in the gym Speidel spent so much time in, Columbus native and basketball star Josh Speidel is happy and healthy.

"I am doing better and better each day," says Speidel.

Adds his father, Dave: "There are things he will do one day that he didn`t do the other.

Speidel had to re-learn how to talk and walk after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the car crash eighteen months ago.

"He is probably ahead of schedule. A brain injury like this can take up to 5 years. Hopefully his process will just keep going," explains Dave Speidel.

Now, Josh Speidel is getting ready to be a full-time college student at the University of Vermont.

Before the crash, Speidel got a scholarship to play basketball at UVM. This summer, the coaches insisted Speidel come to campus, take a few classes and re-learn how to play the game he loves so much.

"The summer was so good. It got used to it. It shows me what this year will be like. It defiantly made my spirits up a little better. The guys encouraged me during it. It helped my overall morale and attitude towards, wow, I can do this," says Josh Speidel.

Speidel practices with the team trainer and physical therapist. Speidel will dress and sit on the bench as he cheers on his new team, the Vermont Catamounts. Speidel will also get to travel with the team.

"I know I won`t be playing but the fact that I get to be there. It will be great," explains Speidel.

Adds his father, "He is going to continue to work hard to meet his goal of graduating college. And, maybe have an opportunity to play basketball again.  We don`t know where God`s got us on this marathon, but Josh`s attitude has always been I am going to beat this. His story is not over."

Josh Speidel is celebrating his 20th birthday on Friday, August 19th. Speidel will be taking a full load of classes this fall at the University of Vermont, some of them online.

Speidel will be back in Indiana when Vermont takes on Butler in the winter.

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